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Book an escort – all the information you need for the first time

There is hardly anything nicer for a gentleman than having a breathtaking woman fulfill his every wish. When she listens to him, he feels comfortable in her presence and can literally let go – and she also gives him what he longs for on an erotic level.

An appointment with an escort lady makes all of this and much more possible. As life-affirming and uncomplicated as escort ladies are, it is also easy to arrange a date with one of them. As a renowned escort agency, we at Amuse Escort are happy to help our customers book a date with an escort lady. Of course, always professional and discreet. Treat yourself to the extraordinary!

Book an escort: Butterflies in your stomach?

Take your time when booking an escort. Enjoy looking at the beautiful profiles of the ladies at your leisure. Choose a lady who particularly appeals to you visually. Is it her smile, her facial expressions or the way she poses confidently in front of the camera? Or is it her lips, her delicate hands and breathtaking curves? Does she also have similar interests, preferences and desires as you? Perfect! If you wish, simply contact her.

Book an escort – the first contact

Whether by email or SMS: There are many ways to get to your escort lady. A few kind words, a smile – that feels good for both of you. So that the lady can devote herself fully to you on the date, agree on a time that is ideal for both of you. Don’t forget to take into account any arrival times in your conversation in advance.

Sometimes it can take a few days or weeks until you finally meet your companion. As a busy man, you may be on a business trip and only have a small window of time.

If the lady you want is not available on the date you have in mind, but you are flexible in choosing your companion, it will be easier to arrange a date. A lead time of around two weeks also increases the anticipation of the joint meeting.

Planning ahead: Communication is everything when booking an escort

If you plan your date well in advance, you will be able to spend time with your attractive companion in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Is the hotel where you will meet already booked, the table in the restaurant of your choice or the theater tickets reserved? Make the most of the wonderful hours with your lady – instead of wasting them on reservations or looking for a nice hotel. You are welcome to express your wishes when booking an escort. Is it important to you that your escort lady wears a certain style of clothing? Would you like the woman to know her way around the city in which you will meet her and therefore be able to “kidnap” you to particularly unusual places?

If you wish and have any questions, we will speak to you by phone. This enables us to find out more detailed information or ask us questions.

Book an escort easily: Where does the first meeting take place?

Would you like to meet your temporary girlfriend in a hotel? Maybe at the hotel bar or in the restaurant area? The entrance to the theater, cinema or SPA institute where you meet her is also a good place for your first casual encounter. If you don’t know your way around the city, your companion will have some good ideas as to where the first meeting with you can take place in a stylish and safe atmosphere.

Your escort lady looks forward to the appointment with you and enjoys getting ready for you in advance. You too can enjoy a nice, relaxing bath or a tingling shower beforehand. If you like, you can put on your favorite aftershave.

Your companion will notice it pleasantly if you also invest time in your care. If the chemistry between you two is right, your date together will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

After booking an escort – handing over the fee

We recommend putting the fee in an unsealed envelope and then handing it over immediately when you meet your lady without being asked. The more uninhibited the first moments of your encounter are, the more relaxed and harmonious your precious time together with the lady will be. Look forward to something special.

By the way

Your companion will be happy to receive a small present or a pretty bouquet of flowers. This is a great way to express your appreciation. A smile of joy can instantly transform the nervousness that is probably present on both sides into “fluttering butterflies in your stomach.” A wonderful feeling!

Book an escort – your dream woman is already waiting for you

Would you now like to book your dream escort? Then we look forward to your visit to the Amuse Escort website. We would be happy to advise you. What can we do for you?


There are certainly many women who do not cooperate with an agency but would rather be an independent escort. This means that they organize their appointments independently or on their own initiative. However, the booking process is similar and follows roughly the same structure.

Ladies who are in direct contact with Amuse Escort benefit from the fact that we take care of the bookings, service and organization in the background. If you would like to book your escort, we would be happy to show you how easy it is.