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You are very active and successful in your job; the days, weeks and months go by far too quickly, as usual. You ask yourself: Where is the time and space for the beautiful things in life? For surprises, the unexpected, the pleasure, the tingling in the stomach as well as everything sensual? You long for a change and to immerse yourself for a while in another world where you can be whoever you want. Ideally, of course, with an exciting companion. In that case, a High Class Escort Date could be just the right thing for you.

At amuse you will find exactly the kind of women you are looking for: smart, attractive and independent. They are bursting with lust and joie de vivre and are already waiting to seduce you with their inner and outer charms.

The escorts we arrange have a precise idea of how they want to shape their lives and also the courage to put it into practice. With occasional escort dates, they add the desired portion of wickedness to their everyday life – regardless of traditional ideas of custom and morality or right and wrong. They want to throw themselves into a life full of adventure, inspiring conversation and intense moments – sometimes wild, sometimes tender, sometimes silly, sometimes sophisticated.

So if you share our pleasure in erotic adventures and authentic encounters, we are very likely to be compatible and our possibilities as unlimited as our imagination.