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Hamburg Mid 30 163 cm

„Die nobelsten und schönsten Sachen im Leben sind nicht dafür gemacht, dass wir Geschichten über sie hören, dass wir etwas über ihre Existenz lesen oder dass wir sie sehen, sondern um erlebt zu werden.“
(Søren Kierkegaard)

And what could be better than daring the exciting adventure of conquering a beautiful woman, coveting her, enjoying time together, feeling the (sexual) energy of the other person and finally being able to surrender to her? Eva is able to turn precisely these fantasies into reality. She is by no means shy, but hungry to experience new adventures with you, to express herself and also to gain new experiences and to experiment. Would you like to rediscover yourself together with this beautiful escort lady from Escort Service Hamburg? Meet Eva!

Mid 30
German, English
163 cm
Cup Size:
Hair color:
dark brown
Eye color:

Fire and flame • flirting • humor and loud laughter • warmth • skin to skin • sweet fruits • bays • islands • deep voices • reading between the lines • spirituality • observing • discovering • rush of movement • yoga • dancing • thunder • candles • the fabulous and fascinating world of animals • plants • haute cuisine • art • music • technology • architecture - Oscar Niemeyer • interior design • Bauhaus • wellness • massages • salt • basil

What is your idea of a successful date?

I like longer dates best. I think it’s nice to get to know each other over dinner and have even more fun together afterwards. The better we know each other, the better the pleasure 😉 But I also really like wellness and spa time, sporting activities or art exhibitions. I am enthusiastic about many things and love learning and trying out new things. For me, a successful date is when both of them fall into bed with a smile that lasts until the next morning and beyond.

Do you like traveling? If so, where to and why?

I love traveling. Traveling is wonderful and broadens your horizons every time. I would describe myself as a very cosmopolitan woman who is interested in every culture and fascinated by the diversity of the world. So far, I’ve traveled in the USA, Asia and some beautiful European countries. I’ve been able to marvel at some things, but there’s a lot I haven’t yet. Maybe you’ll show me the world? 😉

What gifts can make you happy?

Perfume, dark chocolate (at least 70%), subtle gold jewelry, a travel date, a book worth reading or a cookbook 🙂
Lingerie from Maison Close, Aubade or Aphrodite.

Where have you eaten best so far?

Rialto in Hamburg

Which 5 character traits apply to you?

caring, empathetic, humorous, inquisitive, creative

When have you done something for the first time recently?

I recently went on vacation alone for the first time.

What would you definitely like to experience?

An erotic experience on a private boat. Travel to countries such as the entire west coast of the USA, New Zealand, Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos and many more. An erotic party with exclusive dress and dinner in a fabulous villa. Wine tasting in a wine region. Flight in a hot air balloon. Bodypainting.

What has really put you in a good mood recently?

A day at the spa. A nice conversation with a familiar person. Vacation by the sea in paradise.

What are the little things in life that make you happy?

Delicious food and delicious wine. Interesting conversations. Sunbeams. Spa & sauna on cold days. Learn something new. Humor.

What style of clothing do you like to wear?

Modern and classically elegant

Which erotic fantasy appeals to you?

A duo with 2 men, or MFF or more. Tantric massage. If the partner has a respectful dominant streak and I can let myself fall into the submissive role.

up to 2 hrs
800 Euro
up to 3 hrs
1000 Euro
up to 4 hrs
1200 Euro
up to 6 hrs
1500 Euro
up to 8 hrs
1800 Euro
up to 12 hrs
2000 Euro
up to 16 hrs
2300 Euro
up to 24 hrs
2800 Euro
up to 48 hrs
4100 Euro
every extra day
1000 Euro
one week
7500 Euro

none - from 2 hrs
100 Euro - from 3 hrs
150 Euro - from 3 hrs
150 Euro - from 3 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
250 Euro - from 6 hrs
300 Euro - from 6 hrs
on request

“Two exceptionally beautiful days with Eva have come to an end. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Eva for the time we spent together! There are very few women with so much spirit, humor and joie de vivre, it was a boundless pleasure. She is also extremely attractive and certainly an erotic revelation for me!”

“Fantastic, fantastic! It was a really great evening with a really great woman in a great atmosphere. Perfect!”

“That was a fantastic evening! What a lovely and inspirational (and sensual!) lady Eva is. We had a great time, I'm still shaking. Thank you for all the kind help.”