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Jenna Escort Bremen

Bremen, Hamburg 27 176 cm

Jenna – the escort lady from Bremen with the red-blonde curls and the endless legs

Wow, what a woman! I’m sure you thought the same thing when you looked at the pictures. Who might be behind this impressive appearance?

Jenna is a passionate, devoted muse who loves to engage in the realities of others while feeling mindfully connected to her body and senses.

She is a trustworthy listener and empathetic conversation partner. It is her mysterious charisma that will awaken in you the desire to experience this fascinating woman in an erotic way.

This much can be revealed: You can expect passion, sensual kisses and romantic or wild moments.

This escort lady from Bremen has a seductive, feminine charisma and many exciting facets to explore. You won’t want to get enough of her.

See for yourself. Meet Jenna!

Business Psychology student
High School
German, English
176 cm
Cup Size:
75 C
sporty slim
Hair color:
reddish blonde
Eye color:
yes (nipples)
sweet white and rosé wine, Pina Colada, Moscow Mule, Moet & Chandon
Devotion (Dolce & Gabbana)

Aesthetics in every form - tender touches - passion - shared laughter - fine lingerie - stylish restaurants and bars - summer nights - atmospheric places and promenades - giving pleasure to others - the uniqueness of every moment - flowers - wellness - bubble baths - candlelit dinners - lights in the dark - palm beaches - strawberries - travel - nature - twilight - deep conversations

What is your idea of a successful date?

For me, a successful date starts with a warm smile to greet you. Stimulating conversations, tender touches and perhaps also good food make a date an unforgettable experience for me. The most important thing for me is that you can simply let yourself go by my side. The best compliment is, of course, a reunion.

Do you like traveling? If so, where. and why?

I love to travel! Experiencing new places and cultures is the most exciting way for me to constantly broaden my horizons. I have already traveled a lot and far and would be happy to tell you about it if you share this fascination with me.

What gifts can make you happy?

I don’t expect any gifts from you. A sincere compliment, a flowery scent or a discreet piece of jewelry (gold jewelry) would please me. Lingerie that puts a smile on your face also makes me very happy.

Where have you eaten best so far?

One of the restaurants I like best in Bremen is the Riva in Überseestadt.

Which 5 character traits apply to you?

Responsible, attentive, warm, empathetic, passionate.

When have you done something for the first time recently?

Last spring I was on skis for the first time in my life.

What would you definitely like to experience?

Travel around the world!

What has really put you in a good mood recently?

An atmospheric evening with friends in Hamburg.

What are the little things in life that make you happy?

Candlelight at dusk and the pathetic atmosphere of the evening hours. I love feeling the warm wind on my skin on balmy summer nights and losing my gaze in the endless expanse of the starry sky.

What style of clothing do you like to wear?

I dress timelessly elegant.

Which erotic fantasy appeals to you?

A day together with sizzling eroticism in the air, leading to an evening spent in complete ecstasy and passion. All our lust is released in a hotel room with a large glass front overlooking the twinkling lights of the city.

up to 2 hrs
800 Euro
up to 3 hrs
1000 Euro
up to 4 hrs
1200 Euro
up to 6 hrs
1500 Euro
up to 8 hrs
1800 Euro
up to 12 hrs
2000 Euro
up to 24 hrs
2800 Euro
up to 48 hrs
4100 Euro
every extra day
1000 Euro
one week
7500 Euro

Upon request

50 Euro - from 2 hrs
50 Euro - from 4 hrs
50 Euro - from 4 hrs
50 Euro - from 4 hrs
200 Euro - from 12 hrs
200 Euro - from 12 hrs
200 Euro - from 12 hrs
200 Euro - from 12 hrs
300 Euro - from 24 hrs
350 Euro - from 24 hrs
350 Euro - from 24 hrs
400 Euro - from 48 hrs