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Dream Date Inspiration from Nora

Be inspired by our muses. They are bursting with date ideas and can hardly wait to take you into their world and take you on an erotic adventure. Wanna join? Meet Nora!

6 hours in Berlin – a full adventure!

We meet at the Gropius Bau, near Potsdamer Platz. As an art student, I am always interested in Berlin’s museums and can perhaps even whisper a little insider knowledge about the exhibition into your ear! The Gropius Bau building is beautiful, we marvel at the art and get to know each other better between the exhibits. Do you like it here? Do you feel something new? What don´t we understand? Even if we don’t like an artist, there’s definitely something to laugh about. I think the silence in the gallery can be very arousing. Our heads are no longer able to absorb anything for much longer than an hour, it’s time for dinner!

There are numerous great restaurants within a 10-minute walk. My suggestion for a colorful adventure is Frederick’s on Bellevue Street. There is something on the menu for everyone, the crowd is diverse and we hardly stand out in the dream of pistachio green and peach pink armchairs. Time to get to know each other, flirt and enjoy more. The cocktails here are not ordered by name, but rather selected based on abstract images – let yourself be surprised!

Before we run out of time, we should order a taxi to your hotel. Once in the room, the erotic tension reaches its climax. What do you want to do with me? What have I inspired you to do? What color is the underwear I’m wearing underneath? Will you take me on the bed or in front of the mirror? We could both figure this all out together!

Last but not least, we end the evening with a purple bath bomb in the bathtub. A dream of lavender and tonka, our bodies relaxing from the adventure we have just experienced…

8 hours in Düsseldorf – Today you can make Nora’s day!

We meet at the Kö and look at the illuminated shop windows on the promenade. The sun is shining, maybe we’ll sit down at the Copenhagen Coffee Lab to get to know each other over a cappuccino. Or do we disappear straight into a boutique? I try on lace lingerie and you take a look into the changing room and watch me undress. We laugh, you feel very light and tingly.

With the paper bag in my left hand and your hand in my right, we make our way to Nagaya. The Japanese restaurant suits my taste exactly. As a sushi lover with a great interest in ceramics, my eyes never stop shining. You love watching me enjoy the evening you give me.
After the exquisite meal, stimulating conversations, lustful looks, little tender touches, followed by a drink, we lightly leave the restaurant and get into a taxi.

When you get to the hotel room, you watch me undress a second time. I allow you to watch me touch myself, caress my breasts. Do you want to be purely voyeuristic? Would you like to take off my shoes and kiss my feet? Here you can let yourself go and put all your focus on me. Worship me, little by little you can get closer to me, let me hypnotize you. What happens next remains entirely between us…


If you see yourself in one of these stories but want to leave the planning to the agency and Nora, let us know. All of Nora’s date ideas can of course be adapted to other cities and times. And of course many other scenarios are also conceivable (more in the member area).