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Münster 24 180 cm

Aurelia is able to create an atmosphere in which not only she, but also the people around her, can experience a sense of well-being and freedom. It is particularly important to her not to judge them, whether they have character traits, preferences or insecurities. Her ability to quickly discover aspects of her counterpart that fascinate, inspire and attract her is impressive.

Her versatility enables her to skillfully recognize the needs of her counterpart and offer either calm and serenity or drive and activity, depending on what the situation requires.

What I love about my job as an escort is that I get to know people from their most intimate side. I feel it is something special and I really appreciate it when people decide to share this form of intimacy with me. Erotic experiences with me can be absolutely sensual and pleasurable, but sometimes also fun and wild and often both alternately. For me, there is hardly anything that can destroy the mood, I have always found an appreciative way of dealing with the situation and have been able to give both myself and the other person a positive feeling. I love trying out new things and I’m looking forward to living out my fantasies with you and discovering completely new facets of myself.”

Would you like to get to know this versatile, authentic and beautiful young muse from Münster? Meet Aurelia!

High School
German, English, French
180 cm
Cup Size:
slim and graceful
Hair color:
blond (long)
Eye color:
Favorite muse:

Art exhibitions - jogging - cuddling - cities at night - piano concerts - dancing - musicals - theater - the feeling of being desired - symphony orchestra - being able to let go - trying new things - humor - walks - Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold perfume - red wine - Vietnamese, Indian and vegan cuisine

up to 2 hrs
900 Euro
up to 3 hrs
1100 Euro
up to 4 hrs
1300 Euro
up to 6 hrs
1600 Euro
up to 8 hrs
1800 Euro
up to 12 hrs
2100 Euro
up to 16 hrs
2400 Euro
up to 24 hrs
2800 Euro
up to 48 hrs
4500 Euro
every extra day
1000 Euro
one week
7500 Euro

Upon request

Aurelia Escort Muenster Erfahrungen

“Aurelia is incredible: elle est un rayon de soleil and she radiates youthful lightness in a way that almost takes your breath away. So if Aurelia felt like it - and only if she did - I would love to see her again.”

“What a nice evening. Aurelia is terrific!”

“Aurelia is simply from another planet. She's incredibly nice, interested and open. And she also looks like a catwalk model. She's simply magical between the pillows. Totally natural, a pleaser, super open and she just feels so good!(...) Every man who has an appreciation for aesthetics and sensuality will be enchanted by her!”