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Fleur Escort Dusseldorf High Class Model aus Düsseldorf

Fleur – her name alone sounds not only like a hint of spring and pure joie de vivre, but also like natural beauty and a certain delicacy. And thus fits perfectly with the beautiful escort lady from Düsseldorf, the muse with the graceful body and the exciting curves.

She is undoubtedly an apparition that will also make your imagination blossom. Her flirtatious, beguiling looks and mischievous smile will brighten up even the dullest day and instantly take your mind off things. What is this delicate creature up to?
It’s not just the perfect body and the beautiful face that make Fleur so interesting and attractive. It is also her bright and extroverted nature, her humor and her empathy. And the vague suspicion that there is much more to her…
Whether intimate togetherness, closeness, tender girlfriend eroticism with sensual mutual massages, tender kisses and pure passion…or do you like it a little wilder? Perhaps the term PSE also means something to you. Because Fleur also loves to live out this side of herself, to let go, enjoy the ecstasy and surrender. She has the ability and (if desired) the demeanor to create this atmosphere and cast a spell over you.

Are you looking for something special? The complete package with stimulating conversation and sensual or explosive eroticism? Meet Fleur!

Late 20s
Post-production manager/ Model
German, English
180 cm
Cup Size:
75 B/C
sporty, slim
Hair color:
Eye color:
yes (2 small)

Art - culture - free spirits and thinkers - flowers - music - people with life experience - heartbreaking novels (Toni Morrison) - fine lingerie - rain in summer - animals - sunsets - the sea - piano sounds - aesthetics - scented candles - strong coffee - photography - architecture - psychology - profound conversations - sport (inline skating, swimming, horseback riding, gymnastics, running) - a hot bath - history - good food and wine - summer - humor - foreign skin - learning (from others) - Libre by YSL perfume - wine (rosé in summer, Primitivo in winter) - Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean and international cuisine

What is your idea of a successful date?

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.
A delicious dinner, great conversation, shared laughter, first touches and an erotic sizzle are all I need for a perfect evening.

Do you like traveling? If so, where to and why?

So far I’ve been traveling in Europe, but I really want to see as much of the world as possible and enjoy being whisked away to foreign countries and cultures!

What gifts can you give them to make them happy?

It’s enough for me if you’re friendly and charming – just a real gentleman!
Apart from that, I’m always happy to receive flowers (of any kind), lingerie (from Maison Close or Bluebella, perfume or subtle jewelry – I like to be surprised. It is often the little things in life that warm the heart.

Where have you eaten best so far?

I am a bit of a gourmet (not just when it comes to food) and have many favorite restaurants. Here are my top 3 (in Düsseldorf): Pink Pepper, Grande Étoile, Riva

Which character traits apply to you?

Helpful and polite, honest, innovative, communicative, self-confident, resilient, flexible, emphatic, fair, resilient, extroverted

What would you definitely like to experience?

See New York once!

What has really put you in a good mood recently?

A friend wrote me a poem for my birthday – very heartwarming

What are the little things in life that make you happy?

The clear silence in the morning while the rest is still asleep.

The first sip of coffee of the day.

Feel yourself.

Feel another.


A good friend.

A sympathetic ear.

Doing something you love.

Looking at the sky.

Make someone happy.

Sharing happiness.

The calm surface of a lake.

A warm bath.


What style of clothing do you like to wear?

I prefer a stylish and elegant wardrobe, sometimes also provocatively sexy or sporty and casual

Which erotic fantasy appeals to you?

It has always appealed to me to “surrender” myself to uncertainty, to date strange men, to feel strange skin and ultimately to try out new things sexually and to develop freely.


“The secret of happiness is to give in to temptation” – Oscar Wilde

up to 2 hrs
800 Euro
up to 3 hrs
1000 Euro
up to 4 hrs
1200 Euro
up to 6 hrs
1500 Euro
up to 8 hrs
1800 Euro
up to 12 hrs
2000 Euro
up to 16 hrs
2300 Euro
up to 24 hrs
2800 Euro
up to 48 hrs
4100 Euro
every extra day
1000 Euro
one week
7500 Euro

none - from 2 hrs
80 Euro - from 2 hrs
100 Euro - from 2 hrs
150 Euro - from 3 hrs
150 Euro - from 3 hrs
200 Euro - from 3 hrs
200 Euro - from 3 hrs
200 Euro - from 4 hrs
250 Euro - from 3 hrs
300 Euro - from 4 hrs
300 Euro - from 4 hrs
300 Euro - from 4 hrs
400 Euro - from 6 hours
Bildausschnitt von Escortdame Fleur aus Düsseldorf

“Endless legs. But Fleur doesn't just deliver what the pictures promise. She is also an intelligent, open-minded, confident companion and playmate who can cope with any situation. Their attractiveness hardly goes unnoticed by the public. So if you want to have sex with a woman who is the envy of other men and who makes other women look enviously at her legs, then Fleur is the right place for you.”

“To be honest, I'm not satisfied... but still enthusiastic! :-) Fleur is super, lovely, pretty, funny and everything I could wish for as a man. All expectations were met and even exceeded. She played with me, just as I had hoped. Thank you very much for the organization and the recommendation. We harmonized really well (as you predicted) and had a lot of fun.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for organizing my meeting with Fleur. Fleur was fantastic and lovely. I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed, how tall she is! She has an amazing body and personality!”

“Many thanks for the good organization! The meeting with Fleur was wonderful. She is a great conversationalist and much more. It simply harmonized very well on many levels and you can tell that she has fun with everything she does. Fleur was a good choice and the time with her flew by far too quickly.”