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My MMF in Frankfurt: an escort model’s experience

From moments of pleasure to complete ecstasy! Our muses are always happy to tell you what they’re talking about to share their adventures with you, to inspire and stimulate you. 

Let yourself be pampered by two men as an escort lady from Frankfurt

It’s been a while, but this special experience just resonates. You may know this. Just the thought of it makes me feel free again, sexy, wicked, desired and I feel that tingling sensation in my abdomen again… But I won’t torture you for too long. As an escort from Frankfurt, I often travel throughout Germany. I love this secret part-time job that hardly anyone actually knows about. However, this special escort date took place in Frankfurt. My beloved hometown. When the request came from my escort agency in Frankfurt, I was initially very skeptical. A gentleman wanted an MMF date with his best friend at the Hotel Roomers in Frankfurt. The classic. Four hours of fun. Four hours of adventure and dinner together beforehand. You are looking for an open-minded escort lady from Frankfurt who is interested in this constellation. Well, I felt like it. And how! I’ve never had sex with two men at the same time. The idea really appealed to me and I quickly agreed.

The day had come. I was incredibly excited and stood in front of the wardrobe for a long time. It should be a sexy outfit with high heels. So I walked confidently, aware of my good looks, towards the bar and there she was sitting. Two attractive gentlemen in their prime beamed happily at me. We greeted each other warmly with kisses on the left and kisses on the right and immediately began chatting and toasting on an evening that the three of us would never forget. It was her first time too, so we were all in the same boat. The excitement then disappeared very quickly. We started flirting at dinner and the tension rose; the atmosphere could hardly have been more stimulating and sparkling.

Two men and one woman: let the adventure begin!

When we got to the room, we had another glass of champagne and I just started letting my dress slip off my shoulders randomly. An innocent look at the two of them and I sat in front of them with my breasts exposed and enjoyed the looks. Lets see what happens. Rainer (name changed) couldn’t take it anymore and started kissing me demandingly, kneading my breasts and I moaned softly. Suddenly I felt a hand slide down my legs, higher and higher, and two fingers penetrated me. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw that it wasn’t Rainer who was getting hotter and hotter with skillful movements, it was Micha. He fingered me, then began to lick me while Rainer licked and sucked on my now extremely hard nipples. I came incredibly intensely for the first time. But I didn’t need or want a break, please please keep going, I practically begged her.

I closed my eyes again and just wanted to enjoy. I felt four hands everywhere, then one of the two penetrated me and took me very powerfully, while I took the other’s best piece deep in my mouth and sucked on it and played around it with my tongue. I literally went into ecstasy, it was like a rush and the two of them took turns taking me in different positions. I then had the orgasm of my life again and they both couldn’t take it anymore and spilled themselves on my breasts and my body. So I lay there. A little exhausted but very happy to have embarked on this special MMF adventure!

If you would like to go on an MMF date with a friend and one of our open-minded escort ladies from Frankfurt, Berlin, Hanover or Hamburg, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us advise you!

*All sexual activities took place exclusively with the legally required protection (condom)!