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A special escort date in Münster

Münster. This may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of an exciting escort date to escape the often stressful everyday life for a short time. But Münster has a lot to offer!

The date idea for a special escort date in Münster

You have a business appointment in Münster and would like to sweeten the evening with a beautiful muse. You have already made your choice of the escort lady from Münster with whom you would like to spend a few exciting hours. Now the anticipation rises and the planning of this date, in which we as an escort agency Münster were of course happy to help you. The choice fell on the Hotel Mauritzhof.

The design hotel is centrally located near the old town of Münster, with many sights, restaurants, stores and cultural facilities within easy walking distance. You have already reserved a table for two in the hotel’s restaurant, where you can get to know each other a little, flirt and toast together with a glass of champagne to set the mood. The way to the room, where you can then take a closer look at your escort from Münster, is not far away.

Then the day has come and you can hardly wait! Having arrived in Münster after a busy day of business meetings, you can look forward to an evening together with a wonderful muse.

You wait a little excitedly at the arranged meeting point for the high-class escort lady from Münster. They look around and a woman enters the hotel, so beautiful, graceful and self-confident, a real dream woman! It has to be. The long blonde hair, her slim figure, which is so wonderfully emphasized by her dark red, perfectly fitting dress.

You walk up to her, speak to her and she gives you a beaming smile and a hug. A brief small talk and they already realize that this could be an unforgettable evening.
She is warm and easy-going, so you quickly feel comfortable and even a little familiar with her.

When you arrive at the table in the hotel restaurant, your conversation deepens. Her laughter and good humor are contagious. You exchange your first deep looks and feel a tingling sensation that you haven’t felt for a long time. She touches your arm as if by chance. The anticipation of what is yet to come is almost unbearable.

Then the time has come, the escort lady leans over to you and whispers in your ear whether you would like more. Whether you want to go now. And how you want it!

There is no one else in the elevator and she starts kissing you. Tender, but also demanding. Her hands wander to her shapely bottom. Unfortunately, the elevator door opens again.

The way to the suite seems endless. Once in the room, she puts her bag down, turns to you and slowly lets her dress slide off her shoulders. She does not wear a bra. Beautifully firm breasts are revealed. They can’t help it. You walk up to her and feel her soft skin, wander deeper with your hands and clasp her firm bottom.

They kiss demanding and increasingly wildly until she stops and goes to her bag. What comes to light? She looks at you with her big eyes and holds her favorite toy, a Satisfyer, in her hands. Of course, you don’t have to be asked twice and fulfill her wish for an explosive and quick orgasm.

Highly aroused by her passion, you would now like to feel the Münster escort lady completely. Her looks during sex turn you on more and more, her voice, her moans and then you too will have earned your explosive orgasm.

Exhausted, you lie in each other’s arms and treat yourselves to another glass of champagne. They talk about what they have just experienced, smile and simply feel wonderfully relaxed.

You go into the bathroom together and shower, soap her up, feel that incredible body again… Time for round two in the shower. Unfortunately, time passes so quickly when you’re enjoying yourself.

After saying goodbye, you will leave exhausted but happy and with a smile on your face.

That was indeed a special escort date in Münster. Who would have thought it!