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My first date as an escort – a personal report

Of wobbly legs and pure ecstasy. Our muses report on their experiences and take you on a journey into their world.

Here is my experience report about my first escort date: I excitedly entered the chic hotel in Hamburg. New territory for me. But absolutely exciting and fascinating. I felt surprisingly comfortable in my summery, sexy dress and my high heels, which I rarely wear in private. I felt the looks of the other hotel guests and felt confirmed that I had made the right choice. I made my way straight to the agreed meeting point, the hotel bar.

And then he sat there. Quite good-looking. Very excited myself, which somehow made it a little easier for me. After the very warm welcome and hug, we chatted over a drink. We got along very well straight away and had interesting conversations about his life as an entrepreneur, general topics and interest in me as a person was also expressed. So we were able to get to know each other a little better. He then discreetly pushed me an envelope with the fee, which I slipped into my pocket.

I then suggested relatively quickly that we go back to the room. I just wanted to know and found him quite attractive. The mood already seemed somewhat heated. We kissed passionately in the elevator and could hardly keep our hands to ourselves. Once we got to the room there was no stopping us. Our hands were everywhere, he explored my body with his hands and mouth. Getting intimate with a strange man so quickly turned me on, I realized! I then grabbed his hands, motioned for him to turn over on his back and pampered him according to all the rules of the (French) art ๐Ÿ˜‰ He almost came, but I stopped just before that, increasing his excitement even more. The sex that followed could hardly have been more passionate and intense. We switched positions, I sat on him and he came pretty explosively. Being wanted like that was an absolutely amazing feeling! Exhausted, we then collapsed into the pillows. Chatted a bit and cuddled together, then showered together and I got ready to go. He thanked me and after one last kiss I left the room.

I had wobbly legs. And feelings of happiness. So now I was an escort from Hamburg. I will never forget my first date! I hope my experience report as an escort has inspired you. This was followed by several other escort meetings in Cologne, Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin. Sometimes longer meetings, sometimes shorter ones. There were even escort travel dates to Ibiza and Mallorca! I liked this mix! It’s been two years now and I still really love my secret side hustle! Since I can be so flexible about which dates I can and want to accept, it can be easily combined with my main job. And I’m getting out of my own little world. I am an escort from Hamburg, but I love traveling as long as my job allows it!