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Berlin Late 20s 160 cm

More information coming soon. See member area for pictures.

Late 20s
High School
German, Spanish, English
160 cm
Cup Size:
75 B
slim, feminine
Hair color:
Eye color:

Autumn days in Berlin - real connection and passion - erotic massages - sauna - travel - audiobooks - literature - true crime podcasts - art - technology - chess - dancing - fitness - stand-up comedy - leaving my comfort zone

What is your idea of a successful date?

When you show yourself as you are in my presence, we laugh heartily, you tell me your most spicy secrets, we can’t keep our hands off each other and we find it hard to say goodbye.

Do you like traveling? If so, where to and why?

I love traveling because I want to experience adventures and new/unique things. I learn something on every trip, about other cultures, people, countries or even a language. Every trip enriches my life.

What gifts can make you happy?

Gifts are never expected, but they will warm my heart and leave a lasting impression.

  • Dior J’adore: Eau de Parfum or Body Cream
  • Bouquet of flowers and chocolates
  • High-quality sex toys for our date
  • Gift vouchers for lingerie from Maison Close, Agent Provocateur or Atelier Bordelle.
  • High heels by Gianvito Rossi
  • Art books

Where have you eaten best so far?

893 Ryotei

I would like to visit the following restaurants in Berlin: Rutz, Shiori, November Brasserie, Bricole, Facil, Cookies Cream, Skykitchen, Pots and Villa

Which 5 character traits apply to you?

Loving, authentic, emphatic, open-minded, attentive

When have you done something for the first time recently?

Vacationing alone

What would you definitely like to experience?

I definitely want to go to an Eyes Wide Shut party, experience the Northern Lights, learn to snowboard/ski and go on a safari tour in Africa.

What has really put you in a good mood recently?

My own Spotify “good mood” playlist.

What are the little things in life that make you happy?

Dumplings, freshly squeezed juices, exercise, the tingling feeling of being in love, sunbeams on your skin, podcasts and audio books, a sky full of stars, croissants, self-determination, time with loved ones, coffee chocolates, loving gestures, good sex, hearty laughter, being alone, togetherness

What style of clothing do you like to wear?

Elegant, feminine, smart casual and sometimes kinky

Which erotic fantasy appeals to you?

Sex with a stranger, Gloryhole for women

What qualities do you particularly appreciate in the people you spend intimate time with?

I attach great importance to intimacy and building a relationship with the person I’m spending time with. I like old-school men who are educated and worldly.

up to 2 hrs
800 Euro
up to 3 hrs
1000 Euro
up to 4 hrs
1200 Euro
up to 6 hrs
1500 Euro
up to 8 hrs
1800 Euro
up to 12 hrs
2000 Euro
up to 16 hrs
2300 Euro
up to 24 hrs
2800 Euro
up to 48 hrs
4100 Euro
every extra day
1000 Euro
one week
7500 Euro

on request